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Horror In Białołęka District

Agata Mandał Agata Mandał, studentka anglistyki, myśli i pisze po wyspiarsku, mieszka w Wiśniewie

It was a very nice Sunday evening. It was quite warm, but you could not see the sun on the sky. There was only a big yellow moon blinking from behind the clouds. I was going back home from one of the churches in Białołęka district. While I was walking along the forest I heard a strange noise in the bush. I was not impressed with that because I knew that many people in the district own a dog and they walk them around here at different times of day. Therefore, I kept on walking my way.

Few days after, a similar situation took place. It was in the morning when I was on my way to the bus stop (the one near Modlińska Street). I was in hurry for a bus when suddenly I heard a rustle in the woods. I stayed adamant because here, in this park, children who go to a nearby school play hide-and-seek game. That is why I thought they were just looking for places to hide from their friends. I rushed quickly to the bus stop in order not to be late for my bus. After a while I totally forgot about those mysterious sounds I heard in the park.

The situation changed when in the evening I was riding my bike to visit my friend. In order to get there faster I decided to take a shortcut through a forest. This way was by far better. A lot of people use it. What is more, from time to time you can see here some young people who have chosen this place to meet in. However, this time there were no people around. It was quite dark so having my heart in my boots I decided to slow down and watch the thicket carefully. Many a time have I seen such scenery in thrillers. A twilight, a forest, only one thing was missing – a monster. I did not have to wait long to see that enormous hairy creature that emerged from behind a tree. It had a huge snout and it made awful sounds. It was staring at me with those large black eyes. It stank terribly because it was whole covered with mud. I stopped. I had no idea what to do. Should I start screaming, or should I turn back? I decided to wait and see what this creature was going to do. Luckily, the monster only crossed the road and disappeared in the forest. I thought: bison live in wilderness1 and in Białołęka – wild boars.

I know those animals are herbivorous but they can still be very dangerous. Especially when their whelps are around. Sows are big and heavy but they can move fast. It is better to avoid them passing by calmly. "When you meet a boar in a wood, climb the nearest tree for your own good"1. Unfortunately, I have serious problems with imagining my grandma running from wild boars, trying to climb a tree in despair. I am not sure if I was able to do that myself.

It seems the case is now finished. Personally, I have not seen boars for a long time and I would not like to meet them. But still, every time I go to the bus stop I fear that I will meet some hairy monster with a huge snout. More than that, I fear for those children playing hide-and-seek and for everyone who carelessly strolls in the beautiful forests of Białołęka district on Sunday afternoons.

Agata Mandał


  • a district – dzielnica
  • a rustle – szelest
  • woods – mały lasek
  • adamant – niewzruszony
  • to play hide-and-seek – bawić się w chowanego
  • by far better – o wiele lepsza
  • to have a heart In one’s boots – mieć duszę na ramieniu
  • thicket – zarośla
  • many a time – nieraz
  • enormous - bardzo duży
  • to emerge - wyłaniać się
  • a snout - ryj
  • mud - błoto
  • a bison - żubr, również żubry
  • wild boar - dzik
  • herbivorous - roślinożerny
  • whelps - młode, dot. zwierząt
  • a sow - locha
  • to stroll - spacerować, przechadzać się
  • bison live in wilderness - moje tłumaczenie hasła reklamowego piwa Tyskie, które po polsku brzmi: "Żubr występuje w puszczy".
  • "When you meet a boar in a wood, climb the nearest tree for your own good" - moje tłumaczenie słynnego wierszyka Brzechwy mówiącego: "Kto spotyka w lesie dzika, ten na drzewo szybko zmyka"

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