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Fundacja AVE we współpracy z m.st. Warszawa i Woj. Mazowieckim oraz Wodnym Ochotniczym Pogotowiem Ratunkowym organizuje po raz trzeci kursy na stopień Młodszego Ratownika WOPR oraz Ratownika WOPR ph. "Daj Siebie Innym", adresowane do młodzieży od 15. roku życia.

Osoby, które pomyślnie ukończą szkolenia mogą chronić kąpieliska, a po odbyciu stażu zdobywać kolejne stopnie.

Projekt w szczególny sposób skierowany jest do wolontariuszy lub tych, którzy chcą nimi zostać. Obydwa kursy rozpoczną się w październiku br. Liczba miejsc ograniczona - termin zgłoszeń upływa 29 IX 2008 roku. Po pomyślnym przejściu egzaminu wstępnego, uczestnicy kursu na Młodszego Ratownika WOPR wpłacają 120 zł, pozostałe 280 zł pokrywa Fundacja AVE, z kolei uczestnicy kursów na Ratownika - 150 zł (dofinansowanie - 350 zł).

Zapisy i szczegóły - 0-600-495-790, 022 402-25-51, avetki@wp.pl.

Dodane przez Felipe
13:30 02.10.2015
This whole attack from the US on China is like the USA snaiyg to China, \"if we can\'t eat, neither can you.\" even though China has been starving itself feeding us for years.Anyway, i have my own theory about why what is going on is going on. Allot of things going on politically are to hide the fact that allot of the results of what is happening is because of the failed system called \"banking\". Obama and Presidents before are just patsies for what\'s wrong with this system called banking. The politicians are taking the blame for the system. Why? So the system can continue, while the politicians change and the people think that they can change things by changing the politician. This whole issue about higher taxes is not something that needs to be legislated, we are going to get higher taxes regaurdless because of this enormous debt deleveraging that is causing higher borrowing costs that companies need to pay to stay in business, thus companies will raise prices. Right now massive companies are refusing to raise prices and thus are going out of business. Granted demand is falling but supply is falling for the same reason: no credit. Companies need credit to run their business just as much as customers need credit to buy things. The fact that we are having rising unemployment and companies going out of business while prices drop, means these prices aren\'t dropping because of an increase in supply, the prices are dropping because of decreased demand but behind the scenes supply is dropping for the same reason: no credit. The difference is the decrease in demand will bottom as people need neccessities while the decrease in supply will continue as the enormous credit contraction will continue contracting way after everyone is reduced to only purchasing neccessities. The only reason prices aren\'t high right now is because instead of these companies coming to the customers for the money they need, they are going to the govt. through these bailouts. And the govt. is more than willing to help because higher prices of things(not debt) is bad for the currency. But very soon the credit markets will take a hit soo hard that the govt. will not be able to keep up with the credit contraction and these companies will have to tap all resources and the rich, those who can afford non-neccessities are still a market to tap in to. So this is why the rich will be taxed, not because of who is in office. It\'s a con game to blame the politicians, the real culprit is the system of banking. And no, I\'m not snaiyg something\'s wrong with OUR banking system, I\'m snaiyg banking in general is inherently flawed.Get gold and silver now! The price of everything right now, not just gold and silver is being artificially depressed with these bailouts, but the credit contraction will win and cause companies to tap the customers for the increased borrowing costs govt. bailouts will not be able to stop.We are in hyperinflation. A credit contraction is in fact hyperinflation. The effects are rising prices through rising borrowing costs and the only reason we see larger bills is because the govt.\'s attempt to stop the credit contraction(hyperinflation) by supplying the needed currency. Those rising prices would still appear even if the govt. stopped printing the currency. The bailouts are stalling those rising prices. This is your chance, your opening. Get whatever you can while it\'s cheap. The govt. can only slow the credit contraction for so long. Soon(before this year ends I believe) the credit contraction will get too much for the govt.\'s printing presses to handle and those rising prices will be exposed. Get gold and silver now while it\'s cheap.
Dodane przez Amira
23:51 08.10.2015
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Dodane przez Boji
04:05 09.10.2015
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Dodane przez Karwan
10:24 09.10.2015
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07:09 10.10.2015
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