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Trick or Treat?

This is the main slogan of celebrations of Halloween. But how did everything exactly started? Celebrating Halloween is an old habit that dates back to the times of Celtic and Gaelic times. The Celts were celebrating the end of the harvest season of the year by burning fires to say goodbye to the summer and to welcome winter.

October 31 has always been devoted to the dead people. That is why people today during the festival put on scary costumes and masks. It is supposed to imitate all the creatures from the other world, from the world of the dead.

The feast has got a lot of symbolic elements. One of the best known symbols of Halloween is the pumpkin with a candle inside. According to Celts’ tradition, the head was the most powerful part of the body and it contained the spirit and knowledge. A pumpkin as a vegetable head was thought to frighten off superstitions. Very popular way to celebrate the night is costume parties and watching horror movies. However, the most common is that during the celebrations children in scary costumes run from house to house and ask for sweets or candies by shouting “trick or treat”. The slogan means that they want the candles (or sometimes money) and if they do not get it, they are likely to make a trick on the person who refused to give them the sweets.

Halloween is now connected with All Saints’ Day. That is because of the name of the festival. Halloween is a short from All Hallows\' Even which is like an eve of the All Hallows\' Day. And the All Hallows\' Day means the same as the All Saints’ Day. The All Saints’ Day is celebrated on the first of November, by the decision of Popes Gregory III and Gregory IV. On this day catholics visit graves of their family members.

This is the time when we remind ourselves also about other people that are now dead. These may be heroes of the past or famous figures in the history of a given country. We go to their graves, pray and thank God for what they did during their lives.

Such a practise has become normal for us – the people from Ave Foundation. This is the seventh time when we go to the cementary to commemorate all the important personas and to refresh our memory about their great achievements. We visit cementaries late in the evening when the city of the dead starts its life. It looks wonderful at night when the whole cementary drowns in candle’s lights. During ths time we tell stories about the lifes of the dead people. For example, this year we have visited graves of M. Kotański, J. Tuwim, W. Kopaliński, G. Herling-Grudziński and J. Kaczmarski.

Aslo, every year we get a different message to think over and a small gift that is supposed to remind us about the message during the whole year. This year we were given a small presents who’s destination is to hang in our rooms above our desks. Thanks to them we will hopefully remember this year’s message that was: to be for the other person like a present full of not only good but also, if it is neccessary, bad surprises. We are going to cultivate this tradition of visiting cementaries in Warsaw during All Saints’ Day. We invite you all to do the same because it is a very good time for meditation and reflections.

Agata Mandał


  • Habit – zwyczaj, nawyk
  • Date back to – sięgać czasów
  • Gaels – grupa ludzi zamieszkujących niegdyś Irlandię i mały obszar Szkocji. Wielu z nich żyje do dziś. Posługują się językiem celtyckim (oryginalnie Gaelic), znacznie różniącym się od angielskiego
  • Harvest – zbierać plony
  • Seasons of the year – pory roku
  • Imitate – – imitować, przypominać, udawać
  • Pumpkin – dynia
  • Frighten off – odstraszyć
  • Superstitions – przesądy
  • Trick or treat – tłumaczy się na język polski jako: „sztuczka albo nauczka”
  • Refuse – odmówić
  • All Saints’ Day – Dzień wszystkich świętych
  • Eve – wigilia
  • Commemorate – upamiętnić
  • Drown – tonąć
  • Message – tu: przesłanie
  • Think something over – przemyśleć coś
  • Reflections – tu: przemyślenia, refleksje

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Dodane przez Fadwoi
19:49 22.12.2015
Not sure yet what I\'ll be, which is cutting it close (I\'m open to ideas)I\'ll be rciokng some Reverse Trick-or-Treating with Engineers Without Borders, which means knocking on people\'s doors and giving THEM fair-trade candy, while discussing the benefits of fair trade to small-scale farmers in the developing world! Anyone is invited to join at 4pm in CEME building design studio Saturday.
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