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Janek Pełczyński - student Politechniki Warszawskiej, mieszka w Płudach

Młodych fotografików prezentuje Jan Pełczyński. Zainteresowanych debiutem prosimy o próbki - aveciarz@gmail.com.

Konkurs na jesienną fotografię został rozstrzygnięty. Dziękujemy serdecznie wszystkim uczestnikom. Spośród pięćdziesięciu fotografii jury wybrało pięć najciekawszych prac, które publikujemy obok. Laureatom gratulujemy – upominki czekają w redakcji (aveciarza@gmail.com, 0-22 402 25 51).

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Gosia Stelmach

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Dodane przez Iemah
12:22 22.12.2015
What is a democracy? It must have elecitons. But, that is not sufficient. By that definition alone, Russia under Putin is a democracy. In the western tradition, democracy is not merely about majority rule.Democracy is also about tradition. The Magna Carta abolished the absolute rule of the monarch. To this day, the state has eminent prerogatives. But, its rule is not and cannot be absolute. Another value is the separation of the state from political factions. Western Canada has a tradition of long single-party rule. Nonetheless, most people do not want perpetual rule by one faction.In this respect, Alberta resembles a third world country because the ruling party is consolidating power through intimidation and creep. To be honest, Alberta resembles the neo-Confucian State. You can do whatever you like as long as you don’t oppose the state or the ruling class. Alberta has failed in the final test for democracy. The price for freedom is eternal vigilanceWhy has there been no unrest similar to third world countries? Alberta is a province within Canada. Therefore, the federal state provides much protection and services for Albertans.For example, Alberta was forced to follow suit when Parliament passed the same-sex marriage bill. Interestingly, America refuses to pass a constitutional amendment to the same effect. But, American politics is decentralized and vigorous.Japan has lots of elecitons. Yet, the LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) has formed the ruling coalition since its founding in 1955 for every government except one. Japanese politics is tribal and factious. Coalitions are never stable. Pork barrels are given to constituencies of the ruling and opposition parties. Prime Ministers are limited to the number of terms they can serve. And Prime Minister Shinzo Abe resigned because of voter backlash.I would argue that modern Japan is democratic within the tradition of Asian consensus, while consensus is now alien to the Alberta Conservative Party.What about Afghanistan? The neo-conservatives are trying to transform a medieval society into a democracy with “international” values. Can they succeed?Japan transformed itself from a medieval society into a proto-industrial economy in a single generation after the Meiji Restoration. IMO, Japan is the greatest success story of the 19th Century. It succeeded because locals and insiders were in sole charge and they retained the Confucian structure of Japanese society. And, women are still not equal to men, even in the Tokyo offices of western companies.By comparison, the neo-conservatives reject the equivalent in Afghanistan. Is Afghanistan a democracy because Karzai was elected? Is it not a democracy if a fundamentalist is elected in 2009?
Dodane przez Iosif
19:50 22.12.2015
I\'ve received word all the way in Granada that ol\' Preston\'s not going to go for the gleodn chair. Pitty. A Manning/Harper dichotomy would have ushered in a peculiar era of Canadian politics. Wouldn\'t Alberta completely fail to exist without the myth of Federal manipulation of Albertan interests? Manning vs. Harper would have been oh so Shakespearian.I also here that the Oileys aren\'t doing to badly. How \'bout that?
Dodane przez Minou
01:38 23.12.2015
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