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Valentine’s Day

Agata Mandał Agata Mandał, studentka anglistyki, mysli i pisze po wyspiarsku, mieszka w Wiśniewie

As far as we know, the name of this festival, celebrated on 14th of February, comes from the Saint Valentine. The problem is that in the Roman-Catholic church there were at least three possible patrons of this medieval feast. The legends tell the story of how has the Valentine’s Day become so popular.

The first legend describes the event that took place under the rule of Roman emperor Claudius II. He forbade his soldiers to get married because being single they were better as warriors. But there was a clergyman named Valentine who agreed to give marriages to young warriors. He was sentenced to death by the emperor.

The another Valentine, according to a legend, was sentenced to death for helping the Christians in the times of persecution. He was put in prison for that. He was sending love letters to his beloved woman signing them “From Your Valentine”. This kind of signing letters is still used during the Valentine’s Day.

The sources show that the name “Valentine’s Day” was first used in medieval times by a great poet and philosopher Geoffrey Chaucer in his poem entitled “The Parliament of Fowles”, written in Old English:

For this was on seynt Volantynys day
Whan euery bryd comyth there to chese his make.

Traditionally, the 14th of February is an occasion for people in love to express their feelings for the beloved person, even if they are not a couple. Most common way of telling such difficult words is to write a letter, a poem or simply a card containing everything you want to say to the person you love. Of course, one has to sign the card with the words: “From Your Valentine” – so that the person receiving the love letter had to guess who had sent it.

Valentine card should be red-heart-patterned. The more red colour you use on this day the better. Also, people often arrange meetings in restaurants or romantic dinners at home with a little bit of favourite music. One must remember also about the symbols of the day that are two doves forming a heart and a cupid with his arrows. Everything to create the loving atmosphere. This is the only day in the whole year when one should really think about the people around you and show them some love.

Although the Valentine’s Day has got many opponents, and it has become a commercial event, for many people it makes sense to celebrate it. The essence of the feast is to say what do you feel for the person dear to you. Especially when you are in a relationship. You should not forget about buying flowers or box of chocolates with some inscription. Today you may find many rhyming wishes or inscriptions composed for this occasion, but nothing can replace the words “I love you”, on the condition that they are honest.

Agata Mandał


  • Medieval – średniowieczny
  • A soldier – żołnierz
  • A warrior – wojownik
  • To sentence to death – skazać na śmierć
  • To play hide-and-seek – bawić się w chowanego
  • A persecution – prześladowanie
  • To contain – zawierać coś w czymś
  • To receive – otrzymać
  • Red-heart-patterned – w czerwone serduszka
  • A dove – gołąb
  • A cupi – kupidyn
  • An arrow – strzała
  • An inscription – napis
  • On the condition – pod warunkiem

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