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A trip to the Islands

Agata Mandał Agata Mandał, studentka anglistyki, mysli i pisze po wyspiarsku, mieszka w Wiśniewie

My diary of a traveler looking for fun and esthetic sensations has finally reached Yorkshire, the land located in the north of England. Eager for new experiences, together with my friend (instead a map or a guide book) I rushed to feel some British spirit.

I lived with my friend in a small town full of foreign students. I had a chance to take a closer look at how does the Polish students live in the United Kingdom. And I must admit that their life is not that easy. Most often, they not only have to study a lot but also go to work. Living in the UK is very expensive for most of the Polish people. That is why, they have to work to earn money for the rent .

After such a tiring day of studying and working students usually go clubbing . I have decided to check how does the clubbing in the UK is different from clubbing in Poland. The most interesting thing was that you can divide clubs into two groups: the elegant clubs and casual clubs. Everything depends on your clothes. If you are not dressed smartly enough, you are not allowed to get into the “elegant club”. You would look odd there. Boys should put on elegant shirts and girls – dresses. In a casual clubs you may wear whatever you like. Besides, you usually do not have to pay for entering such clubs. When only you get into any of them, you can hear various types of music. In one club they play music of the 80s in another - techno music and in a different one you may dance salsa. They are located next to each other, so you can change the place you want to party in at any time.

After the party night I decided to visit some most important cities in Yorkshire area. During my five-day long trip I managed to see Leeds, Manchester, Scarborough and York. Leeds is quite a big city with many modern buildings. It is a good place for shopping because it is not as crowded as Manchester. And unlike in Manchester there are many major shops in which you have wide choice of products to buy.

As for Manchester, they have two huge football stadiums which are worth seeing. I was at Manchester United stadium. Unfortunately, it was closed when my friend and I got there. But we managed to see a museum of the football club and learn some of Manchester United’s history.

After sightseeing in Manchester (the biggest city in Yorkshire) we went to the seaside, to the town called Scarborough. We had spend some time on the beach, but not long because at this time of the year it is cold and windy there. So we decided to eat something. Of course! Being at the seaside we had to try English fish and chips. The fish, haddock, was coming directly from the sea and it was delicious.

On our way back home we stopped in York. Being in Yorkshire and not visiting York would be almost like a sin. York used to be the capital of England. It was founded about two thousand years ago in the times of Vikings and Romans. It is a very old and beautiful city having a special atmosphere. There is a beautiful old cathedral, the biggest in the whole England. The narrow streets with beautiful medieval houses create a very charming view which you should definitely see.

Agata Mandał


  • A sensation - doznanie
  • To eager for – być spragnionym
  • To rush – wojownik
  • To take a closer look at – przyjżeć się czemuś
  • A rent – czynsz
  • To go clubbing – iść do klubu/na dyskoteke
  • To divide – podzielić
  • To depend on – zależeć od
  • Smarty – elegancko
  • Odd – dziwne, cudaczne
  • To put on – założyć (np. ubranie)
  • Five-day – pięciodniowy
  • Crowded – zatłoczony, tłoczny
  • Chips – frytki
  • A haddock – (ryba) łupacz
  • Directly – bezpośrednio
  • To found – założyć (np. miasto)
  • Narrow – wąskie

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