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IX piknik rowerowy

6 czerwca Białołęcki Ośrodek Sportu zaprasza na IX Piknik Rowerowy. Start – sprzed ratusza przy ul. Modlińskiej o godzinie 14, następnie uczestnicy przejadą ścieżkami rowerowymi do siedziby BOS przy ul. Strumykowej, gdzie będą czekały liczne atrakcje w ramach rodzinnego festynu „Bezpieczny Dzień Dziecka”, m.in. dmuchana zjeżdżalnia, bungee, gry i konkursy sportowe, mini turnieje, pokazy psów policyjnych, strażaków i ratownictwa medycznego. Dla pierwszy stu osób, które dotrą na metę, organizatorzy przygotowali pamiątkowe koszulki i bezpłatną kiełbasę z grilla. Żeby się zapisać wystarczy wysłać e-maila sportowy@bos.org.pl albo przyjść na miejsce startu o godzinie 13. Dzieci muszą mieć pisemną zgodę rodziców na udział w imprezie.

Dodane przez Saili
13:47 02.10.2015
Marek Skoczylas pisze:Szanowni Państwo,chciałbym się dowiedziec gdzie mogę ozmayrtc/kupic przewodnik autorstwa Waszej firmy pod tytułem: Rowerowe ekopodrf3że po Pojezierzu Drawskim . Najblizszy długi weekend majowy bedę spedzał w tym urokliwym miejscu. Prosze o kontakt pod tel. 604 495 107.Pozdrawiam. Marek Skoczylas
Dodane przez Pearse
23:03 08.10.2015
Here is a check list in roughly order of imcrptanoe.1) If you have a protection\' filter on your lens take it off and throw it away. Any extra glass in front of your lens is never a good idea for picture quality, a thin piece of glass offers no real mechanical protection (just the opposite in fact) a good lens hood offers more. There may be some argument for them in dry blown sand or dusty situations, but I don\'t own any.2) Buy good quality lenses, all lenses have compromises in their designs wide range zooms are the most compromised of all and will never yield prize winning results, use quality small range zooms (say a 3 : 1 zoom ratio) or preferably prime lenses. Unfortunately there is a hefty price tag on this one, but lens quality is the single most important component of image quality. Make of camera is the least important.3) Shoot to the histogram. Set your camera so it shows the histogram on the screen after each shot, your histogram should be as close to the right (where there is a greater level of tones available) but never quite touching the right hand edge. Its better to go more to the left than to go into the right, once pixels have reached the right hand side they are burnt out and have no detail.This can be like skating on thin ice a tiny step too far and the whole picture falls apart, which is why you might hear shoot to the left\' which is a safer option, but will never yield the full dynamic range. I/3rd of stop can make all the difference here particularly with wide dynamic range shots. There are subjects that have a lot of white in them such as the ubiquitous white cat in snow\' so a few pixels may end up on the extreme right and edge of the histogram, but don\'t let them stack up even snow has detail. Even though this might yield a seemingly dark image you have recorded the most detail which can be brought out in post processing.An important point here is even if you shoot RAW any blown out detail is lost and cannot be recovered even in a RAW converter the data is just not in the file.4) Dump the auto settings they rarely yield optimum results, aperture priority (Av) is favourite (as you can control depth of field). Full manual is best of all when you get to know how your camera will react to the scene in front of it. Full manual is the only way to get flash and ambient light to mix together perfectly so all the shadows have detail, but the overall effect is that the picture was shot without flash.Chris
Dodane przez Aprilia
18:11 09.10.2015
Chris;I live in a small town (150 miles to the nearest town over 100,000) and have been shtoiong concerts about 2 years after doing mostly sports and event work. I love doing concerts and the challenge of capturing what is in front of me based on what the performers and spotlight gods give me. I shoot in smaller venues of about 700 persons max and shoot from the perimeter and on the stage from behind the curtains. My main lens is a 300 2.8. There is no pit to shoot from and for most of my concerts the audience remains seated except for standing to applause. I have shot Sophie Milman, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Richie Havens, Brett Dennen, Martin Sexton, and several dozen more.I find my histogram gives me inaccurate readings (thinks it is much darker than it is) even with spot metering. The reading are in most cases swung way over to the left only coming out by 20-40 probably because of key lighting. After coming home to images with blown out faces and skin I have learned to use my LCD. I blow it up up to 10x which will give me a pretty good view and let me see if I have the correct exposure.About an hour ago I just received a request for a bid to shoot The Traverse Symphony Orchestra at the Interlochen Arts Academy. They will be performing Mahler\'s Resurrection with a cast of 250. They want shots of the full orchestra, Kevin Rhodes, sections and individuals. I am excited about this opportunity nervous too.I appreciate you and your brother\'s work I learn from both your sites. http://ioveccm.com [url=http://sbebhdbxae.com]sbebhdbxae[/url] [link=http://rpsovrj.com]rpsovrj[/link]
Dodane przez Tibbie
00:47 10.10.2015
Taking the ovevwier, this post is first class
Dodane przez Joao
01:00 12.10.2015
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